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Purpose and Objectives
The Hellenic Society for Positive Psychology works towards three directions:

Develop new knowledge
• Further advance the scientific understanding of the basic mechanisms and principles of Positive Psychology
• Incorporate Positive Psychology principles into the on-going research for the promotion and understanding of human growth and well-being.
• Explore, locate and develop traits, qualities and processes, which nurture the growth of people, groups and organizations.

Promote research
• Build and standardize instruments for the measurement of personal traits, behaviors and, in general, phenomena that are relevant to Positive Psychology.
• Systematically explore and test techniques for the successful application of Positive Psychology in the fields of physical and mental health, psychotherapy, education, organizational behavior and sports, on an individual, group or organizational level.

Create awareness and educate
• Provide   scientists, practitioners, organizations and the general public with information on the principles, applications and new developments in the field of Positive Psychology.
• Design and deliver research and educational programs as well as counseling and psycho-educational interventions intended for health practitioners, educators, social scientists and researchers, schools, hospitals, organizations, families, communities and everyone interested in the domain of Positive Psychology.