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Research Methods in Clinical Psychology

Course outline

Teacher: Anastasios Stalikas
Class times: Wednesday, 18:00-21:00
Room: B3
Office: B10- New Building
Office Hours: Wednesday 13:00-15:00 and by appointment
Ηλεκτρονική αλληλογραφία:  | _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_  
Tel.: 210-920-1702



The aim of the course is to learn the research methods used today in Clinical and Counseling Psychology to investigate those variables that are considered the most important. Different research designs are critically presented, and their epistemological basis is examined and related to each method. The main results of relevant research and the trends for the course and identity of research in Clinical Psychology in the future are presented and analyzed.

Lesson Process: 

My lectures will be based on both the literature and my personal experience and knowledge and will cover the material mentioned above. You are welcome at any time to comment on anything from or on what I teach. In my teaching I will ask you questions and then I will answer them from one or more perspectives and approaches. If you know the answer to the questions I ask, feel free to suggest it. 
Consequently, your notes will be questions and answers to questions. In class, talk, comment, criticize and argue. Express your positions, your beliefs and your opinions, whether they are based on what you have read or your personal thoughts. Eat and drink. Smoking is not allowed. Be on time, attend all lectures and take good notes. 

Course Requirements and Assessment:

Final exam, in the exam period, worth 100% or alternatively a paper worth 50% of the mark and a final exam (50%). Please note that the paper is handed in on the day of the course exam in the February exam. In order for the work to be counted you will need to be tested in the February exam period. The exam consists of 25-30 multiple choice questions.


The manual we will use is:

Stalikas, A. & Kyriazos, T. (2019). Research Methodology and Statistics. Athens: PLACE


Stalikas, A. (2011). Research Methods in Clinical Psychology. Athens: PLACE.


Participation in the class and attendance: Although attendance is not mandatory, participation in the lectures is definitely helpful since a lot of information will be given in the lectures and only in them. 


1st Lecture: 
• The role of the scientific method in clinical and counseling psychology 
• Scientific as a means of knowledge 
• The scientific method and human behavior
• Philosophy of science for counseling psychology
• The scientist-clinician model

2nd Lecture: 
• Selection of research questions and hypotheses
• Operational definitions
• Identification of research variables
• Data collection and analysis 

3rd Lecture: 
• Selection and design of the independent variable
• Selection and design of the dependent variable
• Selection of research designs 
• Validity Issues 

4th Lecture: 
• Validity issues
• Issues of participant and researcher bias 
• Sample selection and bias 

5th Lecture: 
• Between- and within-group research designs 
• Omens and longitudinal research designs

6th Lecture: 
• Quantitative descriptive research designs

7th Lecture: 
• Qualitative descriptive research 

8th Lecture:  
• Outcome studies: strategies and methodological issues

9th Lecture: 
• Research planning issues of the therapeutic process (process research).

10th Lecture: In case of delay

11th Lecture: In case of delay

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