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Participation in the 17th Panhellenic Conference Psychological Research

The team of the Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology (E.E.THE.PSY) participated with multiple symposia in the 17th Panhellenic Conference of Psychological Research held in Alexandroupolis from 15/05 to 19/05/2019.

More specifically, EETHEPSY organized and conducted with great success the following symposia:


SYMPOSIUM 1: Measurement Tools and Quantitative Evaluation of Contemporary Positive Psychology Concepts  

INVITED SYMPOSIUM 1: Let the world be mental and soulful: The contribution of positive psychology to the protection and strengthening of physical and mental health

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY BRANCH SYMPOSIUM: Historical course, theoretical dimensions, methodological approaches, practical applications and future aspirations of positive psychology

SYMPOSIUM 15: Psychoeducational interventions and modern applications of positive psychology

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