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"Give generously, challenge yourself and constantly learn"

Anastasios Stalikas

The Hellenic Association of Positive Psychology is a nonprofit scientific organization aiming at promoting Positive Psychology.

Positive Psychology is defined as an autonomous branch of psychology which focuses on well-being, psychological health, personal development, work-life balance and meaning making procedures. Psychologists in this field conduct studies in which they examine the elements that contribute to individual advancement as well as to the leading of a happier and more meaningful life.  Positive Psychology is intended to complement the classical psychological approach which deals mainly with psychological illness.

During the last decade, an increasing number of research findings indicate that positive stands towards reality (i.e., optimism, hope) can significantly assist individuals and organizations in their effort to function efficiently and in balance with natural and social environment. Positive Psychology is founded on the systematic study of human behavior, emotion and thought.


The training programmes and the seminars of the Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology introduce the participants to the basic principles of positive psychology at an experiential and theoretical level .


Professional Network  with specialized training in Positive Psychology! 


Publications in scientific journals and books, presentations at scientific conferences, adaptations of psychometric tools and doctoral theses of the EETHEPSY research group.


Interesting articles, books, videos, material from presentations and useful links related to positive psychology in Greece and abroad.

Δίπλωμα στη Θετική Ψυχολογία 2024-25

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New book (in Greek)


The book is addressed to every psychologist, counsellor and psychotherapist, and is an innovative project aimed at creating a new narrative about the relationship between counselling and positive psychology. To this end, particular emphasis is placed on highlighting the ways in which the principles and interventions of positive psychology can be applied in counselling practice to different population groups, such as children, adolescents, older people, women, people with chronic illnesses and emerging adults. It is structured to enable the reader to understand what counselling and positive psychology are and how specific concepts of positive psychology can be woven into counselling practice in different contexts. The aim is for readers to gradually apply the principles of positive psychology to their counselling practice as an integrated practice aimed at the psychological flourishing of individuals, groups and systems.

Δίπλωμα στη Θετική Ψυχολογία

The aim of the Training is to introduce participants to the basic principles and methodologies of positive psychology at a theoretical and experiential level. Combined with delving into key theories and concepts of positive psychology, participants will be challenged to apply the practices of Positive Psychology to themselves and, with appropriate guidance, find ways to use it in their professional and personal lives .

For the 2022-2023 program click here .

To download the application for the teacher click here .

Δίπλωμα στη Θετική Ψυχολογία Β' Κύκλος

The purpose of the second cycle of the program is to deepen the modules taught in the first cycle, to focus on the practical application of specific concepts and to introduce you to new fields of Positive Psychology.

The program is aimed exclusively at health and mental health professionals, teachers of all levels as well as professionals from the field of human resource management with a Diploma in Positive Psychology or similar education.


The purpose of this diploma is to offer an expanded and effective approach to coaching education, combining the principles of positive psychology and Coaching. Participants are trained in theoretical models, interventions and techniques and gain experience through many hours of practice inside and outside the program, so that after the end of the training they feel adequate in the exercise and   integration of the new knowledge into the existing their professional identity. Teaching, reflection, practical methods, experiential exercises and practice are the main features in the classroom. 

For the 2022-2023 program click here .

To download the application for the teacher click here .

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Introduction to Positive Psychology
Collective Work - Scientific editing: Stalikas Anastasios, Mytskidou Paschalia, Topos Publications, 2011

This book seeks to introduce the general public, professionals, scientists and students of mental health to the basic concepts of Positive Psychology, such as psychological resilience, hope and optimism, as well as methods of their assessment. At the same time, it presents the theories and principles of Positive Psychology and, finally, its applications in work, education and health promotion with the aim of improving and developing individuals, groups and organizations. 


Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy
Collective work. Scientific editing: Anastasios Stalikas & Alkmini Boutri. Topos Publications.

Aiming to fill a gap in the literature on psychotherapy, the book is aimed at students of psychotherapy and counselling, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and those practicing or intending to practice psychotherapy, making a significant contribution to the dialogue regarding research common therapeutic agents, the synthesis of therapeutic models and the improvement of therapeutic practices.

Κατακτώντας την ευημερία.jpg

Mastering Wellbeing:  Positive Interventions, Techniques and Experiential Exercises
Scientific editing: Anastasios Stalikas, Vassiliki Yotsidis & Irini Karakasidou.  Versions: Place


The aim of the book is  to provide professionals, the general public, as well as students of the humanities and social sciences, with those practical tools that can contribute to the promotion of well-being at the individual level, positive relationships with others and the functioning of the groups.


Well-being in the workplace based on the PERMA model

Well-being in the workplace is gaining traction as modern organizations struggle to address the unpleasant challenges associated with stress and burnout. 


By Vicky Charalambous, M.Sc, PhDc


The benefits of positive emotions in negotiation

It is a fact that conflict is inevitable in both our personal and professional lives, as it is a form of social interaction between people with different and often conflicting interests 

From Konstantina Prassa


Happiness for Beginners v1.0.

Debunking 10 Myths About Happiness.

After about a century of systematic preoccupation of the science of psychology with pathology, the negative, the disease, society demanded that Psychologists get serious about the search for factors related to psychological development and optimal functioning.


By Michalis Galanakis

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