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Diploma in Positive Psychology

Colleagues Working Together


Our goal is to introduce our students to the basic principles of Positive Psychology and its methodology both on a theoretical and practical level. Based on Positive psychology’s theoretical knowledge and new research findings our students are encouraged to delve into the practice of positive psychology and experience its beneficial impact. We are committed to assist, guide and facilitate their exploration and invite them to share their experiences from their personal and professional lives.

Upon completion of the program, participants will have developed the necessary skills to constructively use positive emotions and positive experiences, and to recognize and develop the potential of themselves and those around them.

Participants: Mental health professionals, teachers, educators, human resource professionals

Duration : 1 year

Cost: 1,200 euros

Training modules 

1.     Introduction to Positive Psychology Ι

2.     Introduction to Positive Psychology ΙΙ (incl.Resilience)

3.     The Science of wellbeing: Subjective Happiness and Life Satisfaction

4.      The Science of wellbeing : Positive traits and Character Strengths

5.     The Science of wellbeing : Hope and Optimism- An antidote to Depression

6.     Meaning of Life and  Positive Meaning Making Ι (incl. Savoring)

7.     Meaning of Life and  Positive Meaning Making ΙΙ (incl. Mindfulness, Self Compassion)

8.     Positive Psychology in organizations: Coaching and HR applications

9.     Positive Parenting and Teaching

10.  Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy


Trainers: We are a group of experienced (8 years+), highly trained (PhD Level) metal health professionals –predominantly psychologists, with extensive experience in psychological research and psychotherapy practice.


Language: Greek

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