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Completion of European EAGLES Program

The European program EAGLES, where members of EETHEPSY worked in collaboration with the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, was completed with great success. The program aims to combat youth unemployment by training counsellors, psychologists, social workers and other professionals involved in career counseling of young unemployed people.

Specifically, within the framework of the project, an educational package was developed for young unemployed people, which aims to cultivate eight employability skills. These are: Communication, Positivity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Resilience, Mobilization and Self-Awareness. The package includes both information on the theoretical foundation and nature of these skills as well as plenty of exercises for their development. The training package can be used either by professionals involved in counseling young unemployed people, in order to train them individually or in groups, or by the unemployed themselves, as a self-help manual. To make the content of the package more understandable and easy to use, a manual was also created, which includes detailed information on both the theoretical framework of the eight skills and the practical application of the exercises.

The training package as well as other information about the European EAGLES program are available free of charge on the program website ( ) and on its training platform ( ). 45 professional business advisors have already been successfully trained in Greece in the use of the package and the results of the program will continue to be disseminated in various ways both in Greece and in the other participating countries (Italy, Ireland, Cyprus).

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