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Diploma in Positive Integrative Coaching

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Diploma in Positive Integrative Coaching

The program was designed and implemented jointly by the Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology and UGrow-Coaching Services .

4th Year in a Row!



The purpose of this diploma is to offer an expanded and effective approach to coaching education, combining the principles of positive psychology and Coaching. Participants are trained in theoretical models, interventions and techniques and gain experience through many hours of practice inside and outside the program, so that after the end of the training they feel competent in the exercise and   integration of the new knowledge into the existing their professional identity. Teaching, reflection, practical methods, experiential exercises and practice are the main features within the classroom. The Principles of Positive Psychology creatively connect   with the principles and models of professional coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Positive Organizational Culture, in three main pillars.

The program fulfills the conditions for inclusion in the register of professionals of EETHPSY and also in the ICF (on an individual basis, following the procedure provided by the ICF global).




The Coaching Essentials

This pillar is developed in three independent modules, where the participant learns the basic models of Coaching, Change and Targeting as applied in their modern version. At the same time, following the ICF guidelines, the participant is trained in the basic skills of a coach as a professional and as a person. Having these as supplies, he continues in education and incorporates new knowledge. Throughout the program the new skills are reinforced so that they are consolidated and reach the level of automatic integration.


Understanding Well-being in personal and professional context

In this pillar, which consists of four self-contained modules, Positive Psychology unfolds to join this approach and highlight how positive relationships, good life, happiness, values and meaning signal change in the person and the organization . The Positive Psychology team of EETHEPSY comes to train the participants in the ways of individual achievement as well as teaching to adults.



Practicing Coaching Intervention

Having now discovered the keys to improving human living conditions, Pillar III, which consists of four independent modules, deals more with intervention models. We approach international techniques, models and theories, synthesizing them with the perspective of Positive Psychology. Pillar III trains the participant to have strong communication skills, strong self-observation, forward-looking solution skills, NLP fundamentals, as well as the practice of Provocative Coaching.


In addition, in the last section, special emphasis is placed on the Business & Organizational application framework of Coaching. Theories and techniques are developed that are integrated in the largest companies internationally regarding Positive Leadership, Coaching Culture, Employee Engagement, Team Coaching etc. 

Start:   12/11/2022

Expiration:    09/07/2023

110 teaching hours, experienced team of instructors, 1 SK per month

Internship, experiential exercises, role plays, personal mentoring, personal career coaching sessions

For the 2022-2023 program click here

Possibility to participate in the closed supervision-mentoring group   during and after studies


Venue: EETHEPSY Offices, Paioniou 2, Athens


Applications until 25/9/2022

 *The program can be held online for those outside Athens or if necessary due to extraordinary circumstances



Apply here

Please accompany the application form with a Short Curriculum Vitae

Information/registration: , 210 8251536

Konstantina Pandoulia, 6977256487,



Trainers from the entire EETHEPSY Team

Key Trainers:


Dr. Anastasios Stalikas , Professor of Psychology, Panteion University

Anastasios Stalikas is Professor of Psychology at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and has taught at numerous universities in Greece and abroad. He is President of the Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology, business consultant, trainer, coach, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.


His research goal is to study how people "bloom" mentally through applying their character strengths, experiencing positive emotions, finding meaning in life, and developing psychological resilience. In addition, his research interests focus on the areas of Clinical and Counseling Psychology, the construction of psychometric instruments and research methodology. He is the author of 10 books, more than 60 book chapters and 200 articles and contributions to the international scientific community.

Eirini Karakasidou.jpg

Dr. Irini Karakasidou , PhD in Clinical Psychology, Panteion University

Irini Karakasidou is a Psychologist, holder of a Master's degree (MSc) specializing in Sports Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Panteion University. Alongside her academic studies, she has completed training in Existential Psychotherapy. He is a founding member of the Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology (E.E.THE.PSY.)   and a member of the Positive Psychology Branch of the Hellenic Psychological Society (ELPSE).


Her research interests are in the field of Clinical and Positive Psychology and she has participated as a key researcher and coordinator in various European Programs with topics related to positive psychology. He has written articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, chapters in books and has a multitude of presentations and experiential workshops at Greek and international conferences, NGOs, schools, businesses and hospitals.

She works privately as a psychologist and psychotherapist in an individual and group setting.

Κωνσταντίνα Παντούλια.jpg

Konstantina Pantoulia, BSc, MSc – founder UGrow
Life Coach, Coaching Trainer, Motivational Speaker
Team & Leadership Coaching, NLP, mBIT & Provocative coach

Konstantina Pantoulia is a certified PCC (ICF) Life Coach and Adult Educator, founder of UGROW He has more than 15 years of experience in consulting and uses coaching as the most effective technique in matters of personal and professional development and change.  Her services are offered at group and individual level through UGROW-coaching services.

Her training is global around Psychology but also Organizational Behavior, Team & Leadership Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Provocative Coaching and Adult and Corporate Team Training. She is also one of the few mBIT coaches in Greece, specialized in the technique of aligning the three human brains so that he can make the best decisions for himself.

It has over 600 hours of one-on-one sessions and many hours of presentations, seminars and executive training. She loves supporting people of all ages to make changes, both personally and professionally. He does not believe that there are obstacles that cannot be overcome when there is a strong will.  Her vision is to create the new stream in human support, where all relevant sciences and techniques will contribute to this common goal.

Her favorite phrase is:
"If we do not change direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed", Lao Tsu


Eleftherios Katsimanis

Master Life Coach, Trainer

Eleftherios Katsimanis is a life coach and he is one of the first Greeks to use the coaching methodology in the personal development of people on a personal and business level through individual sessions.
Having been trained in Greece and abroad in the main coaching models (solution focused coaching, creativity coaching, advanced life coaching, provocative coaching, nlp practitioner), in the last 5 years   he has formed his own coaching model which teaches new coaches.

In the last 15 years he has more than 9,000 thousand hours of experience in personal sessions and many success stories from people who worked with him, while he continues his research on what leads people to be able to live a life rich in meaning and harmony with himself. He believes that man's main fuel is meaning and that man has an inherent ability to give meaning to things through the relationships he forms with them.

Today he continues the individual sessions with artists, politicians, opinion leaders, key point executives   and in general with people who wish to know themselves and utilize their potential.

His motto is "I relate therefore I exist".

PHOTO πρασσα.png

Christos Pezirkianidis, Ph.D. in Positive Counseling Psychology, Panteion University,


Christos Pezirkianides holds a PhD in Positive Counseling Psychology from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and works as a psychologist in the Air Force. He is a graduate of the Department of Psychology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds a Master's Degree (MSc) from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens specializing in the Prevention of Mental Disorders and the Promotion of Mental Health. He works as a researcher in domestic and European programs, which develop theories and interventions in the fields of Positive Psychology, Counseling and Psychometrics. He has given speeches at scientific conferences, educational seminars, social organizations and university institutions. His research interests include studies regarding well-being, the application of Positive Psychology interventions, strong elements of character, adult friendship, building positive relationships, as well as the construction and weighting of psychometric tools. He is a professor of Positive Psychology and Counseling at Panteion University, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the University of Thessaly. He is a member of the Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology (EETHEPSY).  

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