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The first meeting of the partners of the European program SUCCESS (Strategies to Utilize and Cultivate positive Characteristics and Employability Skills in Schools) was held with great success on October 24-25, 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and more specifically at the leading University of Vilnius (Vilnius University). .

The Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology, which is a member of the program in question, was present and contributed substantially to the successful outcome of this first meeting.

The SUCCESS program aims to research to find strategies that can contribute to the cultivation and strengthening of the positive characteristics and skills that enable individuals to effectively face the challenge of entering the modern competitive labor market. This is a highly innovative two-year program during which experienced researchers from 5 European countries (EETHEPSY-Greece, IoD & GrantXpert-Cyprus, CESIE-Italy, Vilnius University-Lithuania and ICEP-Ireland) will work collaboratively and give every possible effort to create a training package to be provided to teachers and school counselors. By using this package, the aforementioned professionals will be able to enhance the skills of secondary school students, which are not taught through formal education, and arm them with supplies necessary for a successful professional future.

During the meeting, the first acquaintance was made between the partners of the program who will work together for its completion and the initial discussions regarding its planning and implementation took place. All the participants were very satisfied with the result and set the next appointment in April 2018, when Greece and Ε.Ε.Ε.ΤΕ.ΣΣΙ will host the second meeting of the members of the SUCCESS program, where the participants will have the opportunity to discuss the course of their research until then.

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