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The kick-off meeting of the participants in the European project SUCCESS (Strategies to Utilize and Cultivate positive Characteristics and Employability Skills in Schools) took place on 24-25 October 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania and more specifically in the prestigious Vilnius University.

The Hellenic Association of Positive Psychology, that is considered to be a valuable partner in this project, significantly contributed to the successful outcome of the first transnational meeting.

SUCCESS program aims to the research for discovery of strategies that can contribute to the cultivation and reinforcement of students’ positive characteristics and skills that can in turn help them smoothly enter labor market and come up with possible future professional challenges. It is a 2-years quite innovative project during which experienced researchers from 5 countries (HAPPSY-Greece, IoD & GrantXpert-Cyprus, CESIE-Italy, Vilnius University-Lithuania και ICEP-Ireland) will work as a team and will do their best so as to create a training package to be given to teachers and school counselors. With the use of this package, the professionals mentioned above will be in the position to help high school students as well as early school leavers develop skills and qualities that are vital for their future careers but are not taught by official education.

During the meeting, partners had the opportunity to know each other better and discuss about the project’s planning and implementation. All participants got satisfied with the outcome and scheduled their next meeting for April 2018 when Greece and H.A.P.PSY will host the second SUCCESS meeting where the partners will have the chance to share information on the work they will have completed.

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