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Self-esteem does not stem from knowing all the answers but from posing the right questions

Diogenes Laertius

The Hellenic Association of Positive Psychology is a nonprofit scientific organization aiming at promoting Positive Psychology.

Positive Psychology is defined as an autonomous branch of psychology which focuses on well-being, psychological health, personal development, work-life balance and meaning making procedures. Psychologists in this field conduct studies in which they examine the elements that contribute to individual advancement as well as to the leading of a happier and more meaningful life.  Positive Psychology is intended to complement the classical psychological approach which deals mainly with psychological illness.

During the last decade, an increasing number of research findings indicate that positive stands towards reality (i.e., optimism, hope) can significantly assist individuals and organizations in their effort to function efficiently and in balance with natural and social environment. Positive Psychology is founded on the systematic study of human behavior, emotion and thought.

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Diploma in Positive Psychology

Our goal is to introduce our students to the basic principles of Positive Psychology and its methodology both on a theoretical and practical level

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